lutigyn systems maintenance for your electric fencing

Electric fences are a popular security solution in South Africa, and they are used alongside alarm systems to deter intruders from breaking into commercial or residential properties. However electric fences can be dangerous if you don’t know how it works because of its physical design – designed specifically for deterrence purposes only!

The intent is not to explain how an electric fence works but rather what to look at and what to do to keep your electric fence working optimally.

Here is a list of common problems you might experience with an electric fence, this list is not exhaustive:

Some basic maintenance you can do on your electric fence

An electric fence by design is dangerous and we encourage you to get a reputable electric fence installer or maintenance team out to facilitate repairs. Doing work on a fence by yourself can be dangerous and can void the certificate of compliance that was issued.

It is advisable to have your electric fence inspected at least once a year by a reputable installer and maybe sooner if you feel it is required.

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