Load shedding and your security is something that should be taken seriously. With Load Shedding planned to be with us for while, now more than ever, it’s important to understand the negative effects this can have on your electronic equipment; especially when it comes down to security systems – which are designed with an energy source in mind!

Load shedding periods are designed to reduce the load on electricity usage available to the grid. However, in a battery back-up systems this means that there might not be enough recharge time between load shedding periods. Load shedding level 1 normally does give enough time for the batteries to charge, however with load shedding level 4, there is typically not enough time before the next scheduled outage for your security system’s batteries to fully recharge themselves and function as intended. This could leave you vulnerable from a security perspective if your security system should go offline.

Battery basics

The battery backup systems on your garage door motor, gate motor and alarm system will be greatly diminished if you don’t take care to preserve the state of charge.

The best way to ensure your battery lasts long and performs at its peak is by keeping it charged, which with load shedding presents the obvious problem. When the battery voltage drops below 10.5V it will severely damage the battery and shorten the life span.

Batteries can only be cycled so many times in their life. The number of cycles per battery depends on the quality and conditions of charging/discharging, such as temperature, depth discharge level when not being used often and/or how long ago it was charged fully.

All these factors affect performance over time.

What are your options

There are a couple of things that can be done to get the most out of your batteries, although load shedding might limit some of these options.

Unfortunately load shedding is part of every South African’s life like braai and wors. The good news is that Lutigyn Systems can assist and advise on getting your security system online and keeping it online during load shedding.

For more information or assistance feel free to contact Lutigyn Systems on the following:

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email: info@lutigyn.systems

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