Solar Electricity

Lutigyn Systems have added solar solutions to our list of services. With the current electricity crises and rising costs, it’s more important than ever to explore your options. By switching to solar power, you can save money on your electricity bill, reduce your carbon footprint and increase your electricity availability.

By filling out the contact form one of our vendors in your area will contact you to discuss your options. Currently we have only identified and approved vendors in Cape Town, Johannesburg and surrounding areas.

This is a no-obligation service, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

We understand that financing a solar system can be a concern for many people. We ran some numbers and below is an example of what financing could look like:

If you are currently paying R1500 per month for electricity, you can take equity out of your home loan for roughly R120,000 to R150,000 for the R1500 you are spending on electricity. That loan can pay for a solar system (with battery bank) and can get you pretty close to producing most of your own electricity, if not all of it.

Solar Benefits

The benefits of switching to solar power are clear:


Save on Electricity Bill

You'll pay less for the home loan capital than you are for electricity, resulting in potential savings on your electricty bill.



You'll have electricity available on demand, without worrying about load shedding or power outages.


Electricity Cost Increase

Price hikes will not affect you, meaning you can budget more efficiently each month.


Tax Benefits

The government is giving tax rebates on solar panels installed, additional savings on the system. This will only be for a year though.

Don’t wait any longer to explore your options, once you start the journey you might find it is more affordable than what you thought. Fill out our contact form and let one of our vendors contact you to discuss your solar options.